Chelsea 2 : 4 Bradford City: Three Thoughts

Well, then. Time for some quick thoughts on today’s FA Cup debacle at the Bridge.

1: Time to rethink that transfer talk?

Just yesterday Jose Mourinho was insisting that Chelsea has no interest in shipping players out or bringing new ones in. He’s happy with what he has. He trusts what he has.

“The window is open, but what I can say is I like them, I need them and I trust them,” he said. “I cannot select the same 18 players every game — I only can play 11. Salah is not playing a lot, Schurrle more than him. They are players that play for us in every competition. Even in the Champions League. I count on them.” Continue reading “Chelsea 2 : 4 Bradford City: Three Thoughts”


RMB Select Predictions!

So I got with a few of our lads and we decided to make our predictions for the season! I have to apologise to everyone for not getting these up sooner, but they are here at last!

Please join in with us and post your predictions for the season – I’ll give you guys a week or so to get them in but you’ll have an advantage over us as we did these before the season started and the transfer window closed. Continue reading “RMB Select Predictions!”

Out with New, in with the Old (season review part 2)

So, let’s pick up where we left off in part 1.

We’ll start with taking a look at my…


Said we’d beat Spurs 2-1 and that was the score at half time, but we couldn’t hang on to it and drew 2-2. You idiot, Higgins, but we did score from a corner and it was an assist from Cahill, so I was almost right in a tenuous manner. Continue reading “Out with New, in with the Old (season review part 2)”

My Blue Heaven!

With a possible new trophy in the making here it is, a brief guide to my pre-Abramovich Chelsea cup finals. I’m focusing on the pre-Abramovic era as many of the RMB crowd  like a story from the good old days when we were shit. Well, it wasn’t all bad, even if there were some low points for us at the Bridge. Continue reading “My Blue Heaven!”

65 games done, 4 to go (Season Review Part 1)

Sixty nine games. Since the reformation of the English game in 1992, no other English team has played as many games in a single season as we have this year. That’s what happens when you reach two domestic semi finals and two finals in the same year. Not bad for a transitional or rebuilding year with a manager sacking part way through and the hiring of another manager that almost all of the fans can’t stand.

Let’s look at this season as it comes to a close, and in this part, break it down into three sections: Continue reading “65 games done, 4 to go (Season Review Part 1)”

Brentford vs Chelsea – a match made in FA Cup heaven

Uwe Rosler: Not Howard Webb in disguise

For us Chelsea fans this game was  a pain in the arse, but for the neutral it was a great Minnow-hosting-a-Giant FA Cup encounter, I think. The smaller pitch at Brentford and their dogged style made for a classic FA Cup tie and although I told fellow Rocky Mountain Blues Sam Smith, Jancarlo Boyer and Chris Levesque, who joined me at the British Bulldog for the 5am MST kickoff, that it would never be an easy tie. Brentford more than deserved their replay and the payday they will get from it.

Full credit  to them, I say, and here’s why: Continue reading “Brentford vs Chelsea – a match made in FA Cup heaven”

Halcyon Days for a Vision of the Future?

I don’t think the world of football will ever see players like Chelsea great Ray Wilkins, or Arsenal’s Alan Smith again, but does it mean that the sport is doomed to future with only controversy and media frenzies?

We often reminisce about the old days and how much better things were back then. It could be the heyday of our ’70s team that brought home the FA Cup and Cup Winner’s Cup. It could be the promotion winning sides of the ’80s where both sets of squads played hard, but fair.

It could be as recent as Jose Mourinho’s reign in the hottest, most uncomfortable seat in today’s game. Whichever era it is that you harken back to the answer is the same. Today, the Rocky Mountain Blues’ own Mike LeClare asked a very relevant question: Continue reading “Halcyon Days for a Vision of the Future?”

As the transfer window closes, what does it mean for us?

I’ve been looking at the movers and shakers for Chelsea this year and what it could herald for the season. We’ll see who’s moved on, who’s arrived and what that means for the team as a whole. I’ll even round it off with some predictions!

Continue reading “As the transfer window closes, what does it mean for us?”