Halcyon Days for a Vision of the Future?

I don’t think the world of football will ever see players like Chelsea great Ray Wilkins, or Arsenal’s Alan Smith again, but does it mean that the sport is doomed to future with only controversy and media frenzies?

We often reminisce about the old days and how much better things were back then. It could be the heyday of our ’70s team that brought home the FA Cup and Cup Winner’s Cup. It could be the promotion winning sides of the ’80s where both sets of squads played hard, but fair.

It could be as recent as Jose Mourinho’s reign in the hottest, most uncomfortable seat in today’s game. Whichever era it is that you harken back to the answer is the same. Today, the Rocky Mountain Blues’ own Mike LeClare asked a very relevant question: Continue reading “Halcyon Days for a Vision of the Future?”


Chelsea vs Arsenal Memories

In preparation for Sunday’s encounter with the Arse I’ll go way back and bring you some joy and pain from before the Abramovic era.

Most of my memories with Arsenal are born from watching the matches on TV. I’ve only seen them play Chelsea once and it wasn’t that great of an encounter. The memories that stick out most are the exceptional events. Unfortunately two of the three are very painful moments. Continue reading “Chelsea vs Arsenal Memories”

And End to the Affair?

There’s no denying this one happened!

John Terry has decided not to appeal against the FA’s ruling on the Great-Anton-Ferdinand-Blast-o-Rama.

The FA has also fined Ashley Cole £90,000 for his tweet which accused the FA of labeling him a liar, whilst calling them a “#BUNCHOFTWATS.” (I’ll point out here that both Julian Bravo and I predicted this result in our most recent Vodcast.)

JT gave a statement today apologising for the language used and looks to be wanting to put the whole thing behind him. Continue reading “And End to the Affair?”