Barca beats Chelsea in UCL

Barca bounces Chelsea from UCL: some thoughts about where the Blues are and how we get better

The Barcelona defeat wasn’t as bad as it seemed, but the side is still nowhere near where they need to be with their personnel.

Obviously nobody is okay with today. But there are important things to consider.

1: We hit two bars and Courtois had the worst day I’ve ever seen him have. We hit a bar or two in the first leg and conceded on the only defensive mistake we made. The aggregate score simply doesn’t reflect the reality of the tie. This could easily have been a CFC win. Barca is the better side, but the better side loses sometimes. Continue reading “Barca bounces Chelsea from UCL: some thoughts about where the Blues are and how we get better”


I may have been wrong about Lukaku

I first saw new Chelsea signing Romelu Lukaku play last summer on the team’s US tour stop in Seattle. My initial take was mixed. On the plus side, he’s obviously gifted physically and is going to make a nice living for himself playing somewhere.

I wondered, however, if that place was Chelsea. The Blues were moving in the direction of a tika-taka, Barcelona-inspired style of play (because in sports, everybody copies whatever is winning at the time), populating the squad at every opportunity with twinkle-toes Brazilians and Spaniards and Eden Hazard, a Belgian who plays like he thinks he’s a Brazilian or Spaniard. Continue reading “I may have been wrong about Lukaku”

Back to our roots?

Since Roman Abramovich bought my shares in Chelsea and became the sole owner of the club we have won a hell of a lot of silverware but we have also lacked one of the things great teams need: Stability. Being honest, I would rather have had two managers and half the silverware in the same space of time.¬†Everything feels disjointed and clunky like an engine with a carburetor that keeps getting clogged. When it runs you have a classic car in electric blue gliding down the motorway, but it stalls out you’re left standing on the hard shoulder, scratching your head and wondering why it’s not great all the time. Continue reading “Back to our roots?”

Please Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Blues…Mr. Paul Canoville!

Paul Canoville, Honorary RMBSome of you read Bret’s post recently about the ugly racism surrounding the career of Chelsea’s first black player, Paul Canoville. Since then, the RMBs have been in contact with Canoville, and he is now an honorary member of our little supporters club. He has joined our Facebook page and you will, with any luck at all, being seeing his take on what’s happening with the Blues there. We’re also going to see can we sucker him into posting here at the blog, even.

Welcome to the RMBs, Paul. To say we are profoundly honored to have you in our midst is an understatement.

Image: Andy Hooper, Daily Mail