My Blue Heaven!

With a possible new trophy in the making here it is, a brief guide to my pre-Abramovich Chelsea cup finals. I’m focusing on the pre-Abramovic era as many of the RMB crowd ┬álike a story from the good old days when we were shit. Well, it wasn’t all bad, even if there were some low points for us at the Bridge. Continue reading “My Blue Heaven!”


FA Cup Mini Quiz

Mini quiz, FA Cup Edition.

1. Name the first five Chelsea players to score in the FA Cup Final.

2. Which Chelsea defender had a successful spell at my home town, Southend United, before returning to manage at the Bridge?

3. Robby Di Matteo scored the fastest goal in FA Cup Final history. Who got the assist?

4. What was significant about Chelsea’s 1-0 FA Cup win against Aston Villa in 2000?

5. Peter Osgood, the King of Stamford Bridge was the last man to do what in the FA Cup?

Put your answers below!