RIP Brian Woytek, Shed End Dallas

It is with great sadness that the Rocky Mountain Blues family today learned of the passing of a founding member of Shed End Dallas, Brian Woytek.


The RMBs extend our deepest condolences to Brian’s family and friends as well as his SED family.



What’s Next for Jose Mourinho?


There are few jobs left for a manager of The Great One’s stature and those clubs may not want him, anyway.

Just for fun, let’s speculate on what comes next for Mou if when his United tenure ends.

Up until a couple years ago he might have had all sorts of top level options, but the flame-out at Chelsea and the mess at Old Trafford has the entirety of the punditing world talking about how the game has moved on from defensive football. Continue reading “What’s Next for Jose Mourinho?”

Songs for Morata. I don’t hear songs for Morata.

These days at Chelsea we don’t support the players and nurture their talent. We expect champions in the first XI because we’ve been winners for the last 14 years. We don’t have the time or place to put a kid in and let them make their mistakes (unless you’re Christensen) because we expect titles. We loan our talent out and expect them to flourish far away from Stamford Bridge.

In general we heap pressure on the players who have massive amounts of potential and the fans at the ground make no bones about telling them they’re not good enough. So they leave because their confidence is shot and spend a couple of years at a team where they are encouraged to grow. Then they come back to the Premiership a couple of years later and light the place up.

If we supported all of the players we had and encouraged them to improve? Who knows where they would be in Chelsea history.

We know you’re not just here for Alonso.

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Barca beats Chelsea in UCL

Barca bounces Chelsea from UCL: some thoughts about where the Blues are and how we get better

The Barcelona defeat wasn’t as bad as it seemed, but the side is still nowhere near where they need to be with their personnel.

Obviously nobody is okay with today. But there are important things to consider.

1: We hit two bars and Courtois had the worst day I’ve ever seen him have. We hit a bar or two in the first leg and conceded on the only defensive mistake we made. The aggregate score simply doesn’t reflect the reality of the tie. This could easily have been a CFC win. Barca is the better side, but the better side loses sometimes. Continue reading “Barca bounces Chelsea from UCL: some thoughts about where the Blues are and how we get better”


Messi and Ronaldo miss out on Russia? How to make sure all the best players go to the World Cup.

As qualifying wraps up this week, we’re staring at the very real possibility next year’s FIFA World Cup will be staged without Lionel Messi and/or Cristiano Ronaldo.

That the greatest competition in world sports, save possibly the Olympics, would fail to include the men most regard as the two greatest players alive (and certainly two of the greatest of all time), seems unthinkable. But it could absolutely happen.

The Situation

Messi and Argentina are in trouble. Continue reading “Messi and Ronaldo miss out on Russia? How to make sure all the best players go to the World Cup.”


Premier League TV income impasse: are we on the brink of an all-Euro Super League?

Controversy over how to divvy up the revenues means uncertainty in England. The outcome of these deliberations could move us closer to a European SuperLiga including the big six Prem clubs (and maybe more than that)…

A couple years ago I wrote about the prospects for a European football SuperLigaThis is hardly a new idea (with Marca suggesting it’s a when-not-if, and perhaps sooner-rather-than-later situation) but at that point I was considering the massive infusion of cash into the English Premier League courtesy of its new TV deals and speculating that as a result the rest of the leagues in Europe would soon have no choice but to form a continental Super League. Continue reading “Premier League TV income impasse: are we on the brink of an all-Euro Super League?”

Transfer Window: Conte vs Emenalo

Michael Emenalo and arch-nemesis Jose Mourinho
Michael Emenalo and arch-nemesis Jose Mourinho

In June 2013, Michael Emenalo officially put in a request to leave the club with the reappointment of Jose Mourinho. Rather than letting Emenalo go, Roman Abramovich chose to keep the technical director. Since then, the power struggle between Emenalo and whichever manager has been ever present.

Di Matteo vs Emenalo

This was the first time a lot of us became genuinely suspicious about who had real control over the club. Continue reading “Transfer Window: Conte vs Emenalo”

Too early to panic, but Chelsea defeat to Burnley exposes weaknesses

Antonio Conte watches Chelsea/Burnley grease fire
Antonio Conte watches Chelsea/Burnley grease fire

The 3-2 loss to the Clarets wasn’t the end of the world, but failure to address the team’s flaws could doom the season…

Well, that was disappointing.

Chelsea was slow out of the gate for its title defense, and while the news is hardly all bad, there are reasons for … interested concern, aren’t there?

First, it’s way too early to panic. In truth, a good bit of what transpired at the Bridge today was to be expected. Continue reading “Too early to panic, but Chelsea defeat to Burnley exposes weaknesses”

Nike’s Assimilation of Chelsea FC is complete

Want to buy some Spurs merchandise? Just head over to No seriously.

[Ed. Note: Not everyone cares about brand and design issues the way I do, and some people really like Nike stuff. But keep reading, because it gets worse toward the end.]

A few days ago I posted some thoughts on what to expect from Chelsea FC’s new kits from Nike. Those unis dropped this morning (two of the three, anyway), so let’s have a look.

Relatively inoffensive at first glance. Very minimalist (which with Nike is a nice way of saying they have no ideas.) And as always, they’re Nike first and the club second. Stay tuned – more on this in a minute.

Here are closer looks. Continue reading “Nike’s Assimilation of Chelsea FC is complete”

Chelsea’s New Nike Kits: Five Things to Look For

Nike football design eats every dick in the bag.

I’m not a fan of Nike soccer (hereafter referred to as “football”) design, so it was not a happy day when the new kit agreement was announced. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about the £zillion/year they’re giving us, but since the news broke I’ve been buying all the Adidas merch I can afford because it’s going to be at least 15 years before I buy anything new.

Damn shame, too – I actually like much of their football (herafter referred to as “throwball”) design. I know a lot of you hate the U of Oregon’s throwball unis, but I find a lot of it to be innovative and stylish. YMMV.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what we can all expect from the next decade and a half of kit abominations. Take notes – here’s what you can look forward to.


Bet your mortgage on it. Continue reading “Chelsea’s New Nike Kits: Five Things to Look For”