Know Your Legends: Part 2. End of an Era

In the second piece for this series I’ll help you learn about another of Chelsea’s lesser known players who was a fan favourite and special character at the club.

2. Doug Rougvie – Left back, crunching tackle king.

We bought a BEAST!

Doug Rougvie was something of a misfit at Chelsea in the ’80s. He had won a big trophies with Aberdeen, including the Scottish League, SFA Cup, European Cup Winner’s Cup and UEFA Super Cup, no less. Doug Rougvie had pedigree and he cost us as much as Kerry Dixon did, with the Blues forking out a massive £150,000 for a defender. He was 6’3″, maybe 6’4″ of thundering left back. Hold on… a giant left back? Aren’t left backs cultured pieces of talent wrapped in small, pacey packages of ball crossing win? Not in this case. We brought us a Vinny Jones before Vinny knew what violence was. There was much anticipation. Continue reading “Know Your Legends: Part 2. End of an Era”


Racism – the serious side

The original geezer!

I wrote a piece last week on the case John Terry had to answer for against allegations of racism where I used crude humour to make light of a situation I thought was a waste of taxpayer’s money. If the verdict is to be believed then I would say I am justified in that choice. But let me be clear – racism is something I have abhorred since I learned what it was.

I don’t consider myself a Chelsea fan. It’s more important than that. I am Chelsea. It’s in my blood. I was born a fan and have been wearing royal blue since before memory serves. Continue reading “Racism – the serious side”