More on Chelsea’s Right Back Situation: What About Essien and Ramires?

Earlier today The Application offered up a scouting report and assessment of Chelsea’s right back options now that Marseilles and Cesar Azpilicueta have decided he’s staying put. In a comment thread on the issue over at the Facebook page Julian asked how come I wasn’t piping up about Essien or Ramires.

Good question.

A few years back the Blues found themselves shorthanded at the right back and stuck Essien there as a fill-in until they got healthy. Continue reading “More on Chelsea’s Right Back Situation: What About Essien and Ramires?”


Know Your Legends: Part 2. End of an Era

In the second piece for this series I’ll help you learn about another of Chelsea’s lesser known players who was a fan favourite and special character at the club.

2. Doug Rougvie – Left back, crunching tackle king.

We bought a BEAST!

Doug Rougvie was something of a misfit at Chelsea in the ’80s. He had won a big trophies with Aberdeen, including the Scottish League, SFA Cup, European Cup Winner’s Cup and UEFA Super Cup, no less. Doug Rougvie had pedigree and he cost us as much as Kerry Dixon did, with the Blues forking out a massive £150,000 for a defender. He was 6’3″, maybe 6’4″ of thundering left back. Hold on… a giant left back? Aren’t left backs cultured pieces of talent wrapped in small, pacey packages of ball crossing win? Not in this case. We brought us a Vinny Jones before Vinny knew what violence was. There was much anticipation. Continue reading “Know Your Legends: Part 2. End of an Era”

Why Lewandowski is Not Worth £35m

Let me preface this by saying that I am a pretty strong admirer of Robert Lewandowski. I’ve spent a lot of time in these last few years scouting the wonderkid Mario Gotze and it has given me a great opportunity to check out the rest of the team, including Lewandowski.

To keep it short and simple, Lewandowski is a Polish Hernandez (or van Nistelrooy, if you want to get nostalgic). Out of the 30 goals he scored last season, not a single one of them was outside of the box. Nearly every single goal was assisted by another player setting Lewandowski free. Nearly 90% of his goals are in or around the six yard box. He’s a poacher. Continue reading “Why Lewandowski is Not Worth £35m”

Know Your Legends: Part 1. Unsung Heroes

You couldn’t chip him.

In this section I’ll help you learn some of Chelsea’s lesser known players who were fan favourites, great servants or just special characters at the club.

1. Kevin Hitchcock – Goalkeeper, penalty king.

Our Kev was at Chelsea for thirteen years and only got himself 96 appearances. This wasn’t because of a lack of ability. He first caught Chelsea’s eye when he saved a Kerry Dixon penalty during a league cup match whilst playing for Huddersfield and we signed him 18 months later following a terrible run of form that cost John Hollins his place in the Chelsea hot seat. Continue reading “Know Your Legends: Part 1. Unsung Heroes”

The Curious Case of Victor Moses

It seems that Victor Moses will be a Chelsea player soon. If not within the next 24 hours then not too long after that. He seems to be a top target for Roberto di Matteo. The question on every Chelsea (and Wigan) supporter’s mind is, why?

Now it is no mystery that Moses was Wigan’s best player last year but is he really worth all the trouble? His cost is valued at around £7m with add-ons as much as £3m extra. That’s not paying a lot of money for a player only 21 years of age. When you break it down, the bid actually makes sense.

The main issue is his position. Continue reading “The Curious Case of Victor Moses”

And “The Project” is under way at Three Point Lane

Sam Smith, the Chelsea Outsider

By now you’ve probably heard that Spurs have handed the reins to former Blues manager Andre Villas-Boas, which means that he’s now embarking on his second “project” in a calendar year. Here’s hoping this one is as big a success as the last one.

I don’t say that because I’m a hater (although I might be, just a little). I’d probably wish AVB well had he landed somewhere else in Europe. And my fellow RMBs know that I have always contended that someday he’ll come good, especially if he’s smart enough to learn some lessons from his disastrous few months at the Bridge. The transition at White Hart Lane ought to be a tad easier in one sense: Spurs don’t really have any legends in the locker room to alienate. Continue reading “And “The Project” is under way at Three Point Lane”