And “The Project” is under way at Three Point Lane

Sam Smith, the Chelsea Outsider

By now you’ve probably heard that Spurs have handed the reins to former Blues manager Andre Villas-Boas, which means that he’s now embarking on his second “project” in a calendar year. Here’s hoping this one is as big a success as the last one.

I don’t say that because I’m a hater (although I might be, just a little). I’d probably wish AVB well had he landed somewhere else in Europe. And my fellow RMBs know that I have always contended that someday he’ll come good, especially if he’s smart enough to learn some lessons from his disastrous few months at the Bridge. The transition at White Hart Lane ought to be a tad easier in one sense: Spurs don’t really have any legends in the locker room to alienate. Continue reading “And “The Project” is under way at Three Point Lane”