Back to our roots?

Since Roman Abramovich bought my shares in Chelsea and became the sole owner of the club we have won a hell of a lot of silverware but we have also lacked one of the things great teams need: Stability. Being honest, I would rather have had two managers and half the silverware in the same space of time.¬†Everything feels disjointed and clunky like an engine with a carburetor that keeps getting clogged. When it runs you have a classic car in electric blue gliding down the motorway, but it stalls out you’re left standing on the hard shoulder, scratching your head and wondering why it’s not great all the time. Continue reading “Back to our roots?”


New Songbook Page

I’ve just added a new Songbook page with lyrics to a variety of Chelsea chants and hymns. Also, it includes links to a couple of more comprehensive song sites as well as a link to FanChants, where you can download the Chelsea songs app.

The link is in the nav bar above.