Doing Things the Right Way vs Doing Things the Chelsea Way

£60m for Kalidou Koulibaly. Has the world gone mad?

The biggest head scratcher this season has been what Chelsea are doing to repair their defense. Zouma is out for another few months at least, Branna has seen better day and we’ve shipped out every natural left back on loan.

Our Loan System is a Massive Success, but We’re Not Using it Right

How cruel was it that Chelsea were eliminated from the Champions League at the hands of our very own goalkeeper? How cruel is it that we’re in desperate need of a quality fullback while Ryan Bertrand continues to receive praise for his reliable play?

Right now, we have one of the most talented centerbacks in the world in Andreas Christensen. If you need proof of his abilities, go back and watch Borussia Mönchengladbach’s 3-1 victory over Bayern last season. The kid is the best loan prospect we have had since Thibaut Courtois. Fittingly, he’s beginning his second season with the club, just like Courtois did when he helped eliminate us.

How many of Chelsea’s loan players could play a big role in the club this season? Christensen would have a major role, Ake (despite my personal qualms) would add huge value, Traore and Kenedy had some good moments last season and maybe Charly Musonda.

Koulibaly and Rodriguez are Temporary Solutions

The most frustrating thing about this Koulibaly saga is how long he will be a member of this club. We all know how good Zouma was last season, he was easily our best defender when he was healthy. Christensen is a big time player and will likely surpass Gary Cahill relatively soon, just like Zouma did. So is Koulibaly really that much better than Zouma and Christensen? He won’t be for much longer at the rate they’re growing.

Rodriguez is an entirely different story all in himself. He’s more of the Gareth Bale version of a left back than an actual left back. His attacking game is one of the best in the world at the position, but aren’t we in desperate need of fullbacks that can defend? Nathan Ake had a solid season but was hardly given a chance. Instead, we’re throwing down another £22m for a player that will likely struggle in the same manner as Rahman.

Too Little, Too Late

We put in very little effort to bring Christensen back. The kid will go on and have an amazing season while we hope that our 35-year-old captain can stay fit for 40+ games. We can look back and say, “maybe Ake wouldn’t be a bad option considering how little is available in the market,” but he’s gone too.

So we’re going to splurge on Koulibaly and likely another fullback. £80m+ when we already have everything we need. That’s the Chelsea way.


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