RMB On Tour: Indianapolis – The Flight

Michael Leaves and I are embarking on a pseudo pilgrimage to see our beloved Blues. Unfortunately we’re not headed to Stamford Bridge, but we will see them play Inter Milan at the Lucas Oil Stadium, home of The NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

We have plenty in common with our Chelsea history up until the mid ’90s when Michael moved over the Colorado and I joined the British Army. Lots of games down the Bridge either in the Shed or on the benches from a young age in the sun and rain. So let’s compare some of our firsts, favorites and most memorables…
First Game:
Michael – Chelsea vs Sunderland either 82-83 or 83-84 will confirm score
Bret – Chelsea vs Leicester 84-85 won 3-0
 Game you missed but wished you were there:
Michael: Chelsea vs Middlesbrough 1988 relegation game
Bret: Chelsea vs Liverpool FA Cup 4th round 1997 won 4-2
Best goal present for:
Michael: Hernan Crespo vs Fulham
Bret: Bjarne Goldbaek vs Spurs
Best goal any game:
Michael: Frank Lampard vs Barcelona. That touch line goal.
Bret: Kerry Dixon at Arsenal season opener 1984/85
Darkest moment:
Michael: 1988 relegation match vs Middlesbrough.
Bret: Roberto di Matteo’s broken leg in Europe.
Favorite Player all time:
Michael: Frank Lampard
Bret: Kerry Dixon
Player you wish you saw play:
Michael: Peter Bonetti
Bret: Mickey Droy
Player you wish we had signed:
Michael: Steven Gerrard
Bret: Matt Le Tissier
Well, we will likely expand on the answers later, but as your ambassadors to Indianapolis it is our duty to find a pub and get some beers in.

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