Scouting Report: Marco van Ginkel

Marco van Ginkel (Estimated Cost: ~£8.5, Market Value: £7m)
20 years old: Right-footed Central Midfielder

Strengths: van Ginkel’s two best traits are his stamina and attacking work rate. While it’s more likely that he’ll be deployed in a defensive position, he does tend to more forward to join the attack. Van Ginkel has good size and is an above average passer. He also has great control of the ball and has good footwork for someone of his size. He is considered to be a strong finisher as well and has great vision of the pitch. His left foot is nearly as good as his right.

Weaknesses: Even though he has good size, he’s not a strong player. He can be bullied off the ball a little easily. His defensive abilities aren’t great, he’s a below average tackler and his marking is suspect at times. He can be a bit tentative and will likely need a lot more coaching to be able to perform all of his duties.

Need to Knows

  • van Ginkel earned his first cap for the Netherlands on November 14, 2012 against Germany. The match ended 0-0.
  • His first appearance for Vitesse was on April 9, 2010 at the age of 17.
  • He’s considered a workhorse – he played all but one Eredivisie fixture last season and was subbed out in only three of them.
  • Vvn Ginkel had 14 goals and 12 assists for Vitesse last season.
  • He has played with former/current Chelsea players Matic, Rajkovic, Delac, Kalas, Davila, van Aanholt and Kakuta at Vitesse.
  • He won the Dutch Football Talent of the Year award, an award won by former Chelsea players Robben and Kalou.

Overall Grade: B+. It’s tough to tell whether van Ginkel was a Mourinho or Emenalo signing. On the one hand, Chelsea have had their scouts focused on Vitesse for years but it seems that it was Mourinho’s interest and work that convinced van Ginkel to join. He’s still a work in progress but he does have a ton of potential. Her has expressed concerns about his playing time, something that shows he wants to improve. The great thing about van Ginkel is that he’ll be able to contribute right away but will also be a focal point for the team in the future, assuming he lives up to his potential. Right now, though, he’s not ready to be a star player for Chelsea. He’ll show us flashes of brilliance but it will take him some time to become a truly special player. If that happens, £8m might be a small price to pay in the long run.


2 thoughts on “Scouting Report: Marco van Ginkel

  1. Bret Higgins

    He reminds me of a young Michael Ballack but with Frank’s late run into the box as an added bonus. I think he has a lot of potential and look forward to seeing how Mourinho utilises him. He’s built himself up over the last couple of years and he just needs to learn how to use that strength on the pitch. I will wager a pint he’s going to make his game much more physical under the guidance of Essien, Mikel and JT and that we’ll see the difference before December.

    His signing could spell the end for Mikel in Christmas or next year, but Mikel should stay seeing as Romeu is likely on his way to Spain for the season. Thoughts on that Julian?

    1. I can see both the Ballack and Lampard comparisons but only if he develops that physicality.

      As for Mikel, it all depends on what happens with Daniele De Rossi. I’m hoping that Mourinho reverts to a 1 defensive mid formation and that plus DDR would spell the end for Mikel. I can’t see Mikel being here too much longer though no matter what. Between MvG and Chalobah, it’s just a matter of time before someone overtakes him completely.

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