Jose 2.0 – One of Us

Jose's back

Jose Mourinho has returned to Stamford Bridge. The second coming. As the euphemism dictates – Splooge.

I could criticise just about everything the Chelsea Board has done over the last ten years, and even this is one of them. Why? Quite simply this is the only choice that the board had left that would leave them with any shred of credibility at all and they don’t deserve credit for that.  We will start with their statement:

“I am delighted to welcome Jose back to Chelsea. His continued success, drive and ambition made him the outstanding candidate. It is our aim to keep the club moving forward to achieve greater success in the future and Jose is our number one choice as we believe he is the right manager to do just that.”

What they should have said is “I’m sorry. We were wrong. We let personal ego get in the way and it has taken us nine years to get over ourselves to come full circle and put the man who should have been here all along back in charge.” We all know that’s never going to happen though. Ron Gourlay must be elated to have appointed the number one choice… again. They have appointed their number one choice eight times out of ten appointments now, and with the exception of Carlo Ancelotti  no one saw more than 18 months. So in reality this says that their right choice has been the wrong choice since Jose Mourinho left in 2007.

Dare I say things were more stable under Ken Bates? Yes, I dare. I know in some of my circles that’s a statement that is incitement to riot, but we knew where we stood and the managerial changes made from John Neal onward were, in the main, not bad for the position we were in as a club.

Winning Division Two with style.
John Neal: How to win Division Two with style.

Despite all of the silverware we have Chelsea is a laughing stock for the way the club is run, perhaps it’s time things settled down and we can enjoy four years of Jose making the kind of quotable interviews and managerial nous that we have needed since the day he left.

David Luiz
David Luiz

The biggest fear we have as fans is the very real potential of losing Sideshow Bob. I hope we keep David Luiz and Jose turns him into the kind of leader on and off the field and Chelsea that puts John Terry to shame, but only time will tell in this instance and I’m not about to put a penny of my own on the line to back up my personal wishes because Luiz is a huge personality and his wayward positional play will likely not fit with Mourinho’s style. The truth there is that Sideshow is a shoe in to replace Carlos Puyol at Barca. For starters he’s taller, is more handsome and has better hair. I don’t care where he goes if he does go. David Luiz will remain a firm favourite of mine for the rest of his career.

I have to close with the best quote Jose made in his first tenure and I hope for many more similar quotes to post in the future.

Roll on August. I can’t wait!

Top photo courtesy Chelsea FC


3 thoughts on “Jose 2.0 – One of Us

  1. When Luiz was asked if he looks forward to working with Mourinho he said, “I don’t want to answer that question.” Makes me a little suspicious but in Jose I trust completely

    1. Bret Higgins

      Yeah I saw that, too. With or without him, we’ll be fine, but I really hope we keep him. Essien won’t play forever.

  2. I can only hope that in Sideshow Mourinho sees the chance to mold a superstar. Luiz has been willing to do whatever has been asked, and if he continues to do so, shaping his talent to Mourinho’s tactical will could be epic. With luck, JM sees it this way, too.

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