Chelsea vs Arsenal Memories

In preparation for Sunday’s encounter with the Arse I’ll go way back and bring you some joy and pain from before the Abramovic era.

Most of my memories with Arsenal are born from watching the matches on TV. I’ve only seen them play Chelsea once and it wasn’t that great of an encounter. The memories that stick out most are the exceptional events. Unfortunately two of the three are very painful moments.

Chelsea vs Arsenal 1999/2000:

Nwankwo Kanu hits a second half hat trick against us on my birthday game to come back from 2-0 down. We hadn’t conceded a goal at home that season until that match at the end of October. Kanu’s third was brilliant.

Chelsea vs Arsenal 2000/01:

Silvinho scores in the last minute to bring Arsenal a draw after we went 2-0 up. I don’t even remember the rest of the game, but I’ll never forget this goal. No shame in this one, it’s an absolute cracker. There are better quality videos online, but this one has the actual commentary with Martin Tyler and Andy Gray

During Gullit and Vialli’s spell as manager it usually took a good goal to take points away from us and Kanu’s winner and Silvinho’s equalizer are prime examples.

Arsenal vs Chelsea 1984/85:

And yet that pain is wiped out with the goal that made Kerry Dixon my idol. We just got promoted from the 2nd Division and this was our first real test. I became a center forward because of this goal. I don’t think any of the Chelsea faithful who were supporting us at the time will ever argue that was a crowning moment for Dixon that cemented him in our hearts as a true icon.

Arsenal were one of the best teams at the time, managed by former Blue George Graham. The Gunners’ side was full of internationals and they had one of the best back fours you’ll see in football. Chelsea came up from Division Two with some really exciting buys that would go on to become Chelsea favourites and legends, including both of our patrons, Paul Canoville and Pat Nevin. This draw on the opening day of the 84/85 Season showed that we had not only been promoted, but had the ability to compete in Division One.

Roll on Sunday!


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