Scouting Report: Radamel Falcao

Chelsea have long been linked with Atletico’s star Radamel Falcao. Recent rumors claim that Roman has given the word to go ahead and offer £48m for the striker. These are just rumors right now but Atletico’s financial troubles are well-documented and selling Falcao might be in their future. So here is the long-overdue scouting report on Radamel Falcao.

Radamel Falcao Garcia (Cost: ~£48m, Market Value: £44m)

26 years old; Right-footed Striker

Strengths: Falcao is an excellent finisher in every sense. He is absolutely brilliant in the air and with volleys. He is a terrific leaper, making up for his lack of height, and his volleying ability is arguably the best in the world. He is equally talented with his weaker left foot and has excellent skills to go with it. His poaching instinct is top class as he’s always ready to pounce inside the box. His penalties are well above average and he has a very powerful strike. His clinical finishing sets him apart from other strikers as it is impossible to unnerve him. Even without great service, Falcao has the unique ability to create goals from nothing.

Weaknesses: Falcao’s speed isn’t fantastic. He’s slightly above average but it’s nothing impressive for a striker of his size. He’s also small (5’10”) for a striker and it shows through his lack of strength against strong defenders. He’s not a great passer and he doesn’t get a lot of assists (just two so far to go with his twelve goals this season). His biggest weakness is his lack of stamina, as he tends to run out of energy as the game wears on (though much of that can be attributed to his high work rate).

Need to Knows: Falcao was somewhat of a late bloomer. He played for River Plate in Argentina until he was 23 and was purchased by Porto in 2009 for just under €4m before being sold to Atletico for around €40m in 2011. His first international goal was at the age of 21 against Montenegro and he has since tallied 15 goals in 40 games. Despite playing for Atletico, Falcao has said that he always dreamed of playing for their hated rivals Real Madrid. Falcao was also praised by the King of Spain as being a remarkable talent.

Overall Rating (N/A): Falcao has not been signed by Chelsea yet and it is unknown whether Chelsea will even pursue him in January. A lot of people feel that Falcao is the missing piece of the Chelsea puzzle that will finish the new era of the Abramovich/Di Matteo project, but it is tough to see one player solving everything. Falcao is one of the best players in the world and having him on any team would be a great addition, but Chelsea fans have been misled by the one dazzling performance. I would never claim that Falcao is overrated on the world stage – he’s just overrated in the eyes of Chelsea supporters. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Blue in the coming season and there is no question that he would add a certain spark that Torres has been lacking. Chelsea fans must ask if spending another £50m or so is a wise investment.


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