And End to the Affair?

There’s no denying this one happened!

John Terry has decided not to appeal against the FA’s ruling on the Great-Anton-Ferdinand-Blast-o-Rama.

The FA has also fined Ashley Cole £90,000 for his tweet which accused the FA of labeling him a liar, whilst calling them a “#BUNCHOFTWATS.” (I’ll point out here that both Julian Bravo and I predicted this result in our most recent Vodcast.)

JT gave a statement today apologising for the language used and looks to be wanting to put the whole thing behind him.

The Statement:

 “After careful consideration, I have decided not to appeal against the FA judgment. I want to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone for the language I used in the game against Queens Park Rangers last October.

“Although I’m disappointed with the FA judgment, I accept that the language I used, regardless of the context, is not acceptable on the football field or indeed in any walk of life. As I stated in the criminal case, with the benefit of hindsight my language was clearly not an appropriate reaction to the situation for someone in my position.

“My response was below the level expected by Chelsea Football Club, and by me, and it will not happen again. Looking forward, I will continue to do my part in assisting the club to remove all types of discriminatory behaviour from football. I am extremely grateful for the consistent support of Chelsea FC, the fans and my family.”

Prince William calling ACole a “Naughty boy.”

During the opening of the FA Center of Excellence, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William Windsor, cast a lighter note on the case by calling Ashley a ‘naughty boy’ and also joked that he might have to take away his Twitter privileges. This is how I think the ACole case should have been handled. Give the lad a fine, as we all know it was wrong to make a public outburst, but admit that you can understand his frustrations and be willing to let it go.

In truth neither player can deny what was said, regardless of context, and that’s what the FA wants. They care not a jot for why something was said, only that it was. I think the main reason for this is that it makes it easier to make things black and white, pardon the pun. Whether or not we believe Luiz Suarez and the cultural use of his chosen language, or that John Terry repeated what he thought he heard is irrelevant. There was evidence that inappropriate language was used and that’s all that matters to them. It’s also the defining terms of the charges.

Now is it because it sends a blanket statement out to every team and player in the country, or does it simply make the disciplinary process easier for them to rake in the cash to help pay for things like the new Center of Excellence? The truth is that none of us will ever know. The FA do not concern themselves with ethical situations. They take actions on face value versus their rule of conduct and that’s it.

So what now?

Well, we all dust ourselves off and get on with it. EVERYONE. You, me, JT, Ashley Cole, the FA and the Ferdinand brothers, too. If Luiz Suarez and Patrice Evra can shake hands then, by jove, so can Ferdinand and Park.

There could only be one winner in this case.

John Terry: Captain Leader Legend will serve his four game suspension against Spuds, Man United in the Premiership and League Cup, and Swansea City, pay his fine and do whatever it is that the Chelsea Boardroom deem fit after their private disciplinary action (hopefully they put a blindfold on him and flicked his ears for five minutes) then let it go.

Ashley Cole will pay his fine, carry on thinking the FA are a bunch of twats for their part in the case and wonder how he will possibly cope with losing five days wages (give or take). He may even think it’s money well spent.

In closing, many people would have wished this would never have happened. Not me, though. With all the fuss and tension that has been flung around over the last year or so, this event has enabled me to befriend one of my childhood heroes, Paul Canoville, following the article I wrote covering my personal ethics on the subject of racism. It also led to Canners becoming a patron member of our beloved Rocky Mountain Blues, so… every cloud, eh?


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