Great day to be a Blue!

Now, normally I’m posting an opinion or diatribe about how some player of fan from my past is bringing the game into disrepute, but I had so much fun today I just wanted to congratulate our community for growing into friendly, fun and energetic group we have today.

This time last year I had just arrived in Denver. I found this place called the British Bulldog and we were playing Man Utd. Naturally I went and the place was packed, but there were more red shirts than blue.

Today though we played Stoke City. I don’t think anyone really has anything against Stoke, especially not in Denver of all places and yet we had a great turnout today.

Want to come and play? …Anyone?

It is a testament to people like our Fearless Leader, Pete Wolehski, Board members Ryan, Sam D, Andy, Sam Sam and Michael as well as Julian “The Application” Bravo that we have a good solid turnout for every game. It’s a far cry from what I saw a year ago and it is great to see.

Carefree wherever we may be!

Board member MIchael Leaves and his newly proposed fiancee (ie. better half), Leah, made the trip down from Boulder and even though a few regulars were sorely missed we had a great time.

Carefree behind the bar!

I have to admit that it doesn’t hurt that the Bulldog’s manager, Matt, is a huge Chelsea fan as well. The community spirit is second to none with that extra push from both sides of the bar, without doubt.

And on top of a phenomenal turn out, more than twice than I expected, we had a special guest, life long Blue, music producer and front man of The Shamen, Richard West joined us with Pete as a part of his wedding party. We had a blast and I don’t think I a alone in thinking that Richard must return to Denver from the west coast for at least a couple more games this year!

Fearless Leader, Peter and “Mr. C” Richard West

All in all I think this was one of the most fun games I have been to that didn’t involve a large “away” support. I had a great time and I’d like to thank everyone for coming along and making the atmosphere as good as it was!

So I am expecting an even better turn out against Arsenal, even though the game will kick off at silly o’clock!




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