An open letter to Anton Ferdinand

Fighting racism with the Hitler tash

Dear Mr. Ferdinand:

Let’s be honest, last season you didn’t perform very well at all and QPR scraped their way to safety. Then there’s  the allegations you made (which you didn’t even hear) that were thrown out in a court of law.

The average man would want to put a season like that behind him, accept the decision and look ahead to the future. But no. Why behave like a grown man with humility and dignity when you can fuel the race fire and pull rotten teeth from a dead horse’s head? By alienating the man you falsely accused of racial abuse and not respecting the judge’s decision in finding him innocent you are failing as a human being. In this day and age, especially as a highly paid role model to millions, it should be your duty to remember that word printed on your shirt sleeves and respect the fact that things don’t always go your way and that as humans we can be wrong.

On top of your failure to grow personally from the experience you are giving fans all across the world ammunition. We all know that racism is wrong. There’s no need for it and serves us no purpose as we work to progress as a race. The world can do without belligerence, intolerance and stupidity, as well. I for one can’t believe that Sparky Hughes hasn’t given you a slap upside the head and told you to let it go and get on with it. It’s bad enough that the only person found guilty of racial wrong doing in this whole thing is your brother, without adding to it. It’s like the pot calling the kettle… I should stop there.

Be a man, Anton, not a vehicle of petulance. Look past the colour of your own skin and just be a man.

If you refuse to shake the hands of John Terry and Ashley Cole I sincerely hope that the entire Chelsea lineup refuse to shake your hand for not accepting and abiding by the laws of the game, the laws of the United Kingdom and the laws of common sense. You’ll deserve all the mockery you’ll get. And get it you will, for it will prove that you’re not mature enough to warrant respect from people like me, the common football fan.


One thought on “An open letter to Anton Ferdinand

  1. Well said. Were Anton’s brother not a success then no one would have even listened to him. He’s just trying to get his moment in the spotlight because his footballing skills will certainly never do that

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