Florent Malouda’s Dedication

In a somewhat surprising move, RdM decided to leave Malouda off the Champions League roster for the group stages this season. It’s no mystery that Chelsea tried to offload the winger earlier in the transfer window but it seems like two sides of Chelsea supporters came out after the announcement.

The first thing that people think about with Malouda is how poorly he has played recently. RMB Sam Smith has said on many occasions, “He has lost a step.” It’s true, Malouda is definitely not the same player that had fifteen goals and fifteen assists under Ancelotti. Many supporters feel like he needs to be shown the door asap and he’s just taking up a spot on our roster and money from our wage bill.

Then there’s the other side to Malouda, the side that loves the club like crazy. When you think about it, there are only a handful of first team players remaining that love Chelsea more than Malouda. Frankie of course, JT and Ashley Cole. Bottom line, Malouda would do anything to play for Chelsea for the rest of his career. When you think about everything he has done for us, it’s hard to push him aside that easily.

RMB Bret Higgins has said it before, “You’re not going to get eleven players that love the team out there for every game.” There’s no disputing that fact. My dislike for Cahill is well-documented since he is one of those players that has no real reason to love Chelsea like Frankie or John. It’s not just Cahill, my two favorite players (Torres and Hazard) are never going to kiss the badge and I know that.

My issue is how poorly Malouda was treated. I want to see Chelsea do well and I want to see players like Piazon and Bertrand get playing time, but not that way. Malouda is still a member of Chelsea and he deserved better – even just garbage minutes against Nordsjaelland or five minutes at the end of the game.

Players come and go, but players like Malouda are rare. He’s not English and he hasn’t been around here for long, but he loves the club more than most of our squad. What happens when Malouda, Lamps, Terry and Cole are gone? We’ll have 11 players playing out there for the name on the back of the kit rather than the badge on the front. No matter what, we were lucky to have Florent Malouda.


3 thoughts on “Florent Malouda’s Dedication

  1. Oh, please. Malouda has said he wants to play in Brazil before he retires, which is very different from what you’re alleging. And he’s not still around because of his dedication to Chelsea – he had moves to both Brazil and France scuppered by high wage demands.

    I’m perfectly fine with what you say about his accomplishments and I agree that people like this need to be treated with respect, but no team that cares about its prospects saves a CL slot for a victory lap by a guy who can’t play anymore.

  2. Bret Higgins

    Dedicated or not, he’s known that the club had already told him that he was no longer needed and he priced himself out of two moves. That leaves him in a place similar to Winston Bogarde – sitting in the reserves at 70k a week.

    With his overt financial interest in Dijon you have to ask if this is a ploy to save money and pop back over to continental Europe next season to invest in them.

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