So… I joined a Forest Forum

As we all know Chelsea have sent many of our younger players to the Championship, the Netherlands and Belgium to get them some much needed first team experience. In my attempt to get valuable information on Sam Hutchinson’s progress at Nottingham Forest I joined a fan’s forum and asked for their opinion on how Chelsea’s young right back is doing.

Vanilla Hutch

Here are all of the opinions given so far!

Segred: “He made his full debut on Saturday, slotted in to the side and turned in a fine performance, capped by the goal, a Roy of the rovers start for the lad, looking forward to seeing a great deal more of this talented youngster in the future.”


Captain Sinister: “The real shame is that his progress will mean that we see him for the season and then Chelsea will reel him back in to replace the aging and slowing John Terry, who despite still being very good, is going to start to struggle against the faster younger players he will be facing.”


Forest Vs Charlton

Ravi: “I’ve only seen him play once but already it’s obvious that he’s a class player. I’m not sure how he compares at the top end of the Prem, but I’m pretty sure I won’t see a better right back in the Championship this season. Hutch seems to have everything. The goal was special – to begin a move like that, have the vision and determination to run 60m, then finish with composure, all on debut. That spoke volumes.
What most impressed me about him though is his anticipation & ability to make a tackle or get a block in, where other players would be waiting to deal with the second ball. I just hope he stays injury free for us.”


ChrisCL: “Hutchinson?

Nah, he’s rubbish, he’ll never make it at Chelsea.

I suggest you sell him. Forest will take him off your hands for a few thousand, I’m sure. ”


Beasty: “Complete dogmess

See Hutch v Gunts for proper valuation of him.”


Q8ii: “He is as good as I want him to remain here
he is smart he is red no doubt ;>

still time will confirm that Im sure”


kevin: “hes just come out saying he doesnt want to go back to chelsea

sorry mate, looks like hes staying here ”


winnits: “Looks great, in addition to the goal some real no-holds-barred crunching tackles (but controlled and well timed), excellent positional sense and eventually – as you saw – eager to get forward.


The caution should come from that this was his first full game for us, and that Charlton didn’t provide a particularly stern test for any of our defenders – however, very promising indeed!”


RobbieLePop: “As others have said, debut and first real indication provided on Saturday and it was a cracking start. Based on that performance he’s just made himself first choice RB, ahead of our own Moloney and Halford.

Hoping he can stay injury free – he’s certainly got all the capabilities to go a long way in football and, presuming he doesn’t return here after his loan spell his up, it’d be a shame for him not to fulfill that talent.”


Celebrating his first professional goal

nffc 13: “Brilliant player. Got that touch of class.”

So, as you can see the Forest supporters like what he has produced already, but they have the good sense to add some caution and know that despite getting off to a flyer there is a long way to go. The thing I like best is that the banter is complimentary. Only time will tell if Sam’s progress will continue in this vein or if he’ll take a step backwards. One thing I am sure of is that he’ll make an impact in the Championship and help Forest to a good finish this season and then hopefully see him back in blue and making an impact on the first team next year.

How we like seeing Sam best: In royal blue!

Now to try and secure an interview with Sam himself and find out how he thinks he’s doing!


4 thoughts on “So… I joined a Forest Forum

  1. Ah the ongoing Hutch debate. I’m still hoping he proves me 100% wrong and displaces Azpi/WC while holding off Wallace and Kane for that right back spot. I still can’t help but feel, with his contract set to expire, that we might have seen the last of him in Chelsea Blue.

  2. Bret Higgins

    No debate here… I’m having our more notable loanees followed to see how they progress. I hope they all perform brilliantly and come back to the bridge with worthy experience gained.

    More to come!

  3. I’ve kept my eye on KdB and Skippy. I know I’ll have plenty of chances to catch Essien this season but my watchful eye will try to follow the Vitesse trio, (Kalas, PvA and Kakuta) Lukaku, Affane and Chalobah

  4. Bret Higgins

    Excellent! Try hitting up the locals for their opinions too. I know there may be a language barrier, but it’s worth a shot, mate!

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