Transfer window closing: what about striker?

Just a few days left in the summer transfer window. It looks like Chelsea has locked up Victor Moses and now Cesar Azpilicueta (unless the announced deals hit a snag of some sort). So there’s only one problem remaining to address (other than finding someone to take Malouda off our hands). That problem, though, is a big one: striker.

We have the #1 slot covered (Torres), and RdM’s preferred 4-2-3-1 formation means that you probably need three reliable players in the role, whereas you’d need four or five if you played two up top. So, for the sake of argument, let’s proceed on the assumption that the Blues must have three capable strikers when the window closes.

Scenario 1: Torres, Sturridge, Moses

The team may already think it’s set. Nando is your alpha guy and Sturridge is the #2 (he should be happy in this role, as he’d get plenty of playing time in his preferred position). He gets the start when there are multiple games in a week or against lesser lights in cup competition. Moses is primarily a winger, but apparently can play up top in a pinch, so he’s a talented, versatile utility guy.

Scenario 2: Torres, Sturridge, and a player to be purchased this week

As with Scenario 1, except RdM doesn’t believe Moses is his #3. In this case, look for Chelsea to move for a second-tier back-up type (they were in talks over Jovetic earlier in the summer, you’ll recall).

Scenario 3: In comes Cavani!

We know Chelsea wants Napoli’s Sparkly Vampire (who wouldn’t?) and it seems he’s available for a price. If the teams reach agreement, we now have an argument over who the alpha starter should be. In any case, you have a clearly defined top two, and given what we have seen in the past, it seems unlikely that Sturridge will be happy accumulating that much pine time, especially since playing time on the wing is going to be hard to come by, as well, after the summer’s rash of midfielder signings.

So if Edinson Cavani arrives it could well mean that Danny goes out, and it would make sense that he be heading back to Italy as a makeweight in the Cavani deal, right? Just speculating, but it seems an obvious enough possibility.

To complicate matters further, in this scenario we’re now back to two strikers instead of the three we need. Which means someone like Jovetic is again in the frame.

I’m obviously not privy to the private talks going on with the ownership and the management staff, so it’s imposible for me to predict with any reliability. I’m just looking at the situation before us and trying to make an educated guess.

I know which of the scenarios here I prefer, though. Give me El Niño and Sparkly Vampire to work with and I’ll take my chances….


8 thoughts on “Transfer window closing: what about striker?

  1. I would love to have Cavani, but we don’t need him. Two strikers will do us fine until the winter transfer window if we do need a second transfer (if Torres or Danny get hurt). Cavani said that he would stick around Napoli and could move in the winter transfer window anyway. I’d bet that Moses will never play striker for Chelsea unless we’re up by 3 or more goals and we want to rest Danny and Torres. Jovetic isn’t a striker either. Our striker situation is no concern. At the very worst we could call up 19-year-old Patrick Bamford to sit on the bench. We don’t need another one and we won’t pursue another one.
    Before Torres we made due with Drogba and Anelka as our only strikers and both played almost every game. I’m not sure why having Torres and a sitting Sturridge is any different except the fact that we have at least one rested striker as opposed to none. Absolutely zero need for a new striker

  2. You have a remarkable faith that no one will get hurt. I do hope you’re right.

    I’m recalling Carlo Ancelotti’s remarkable faith that Frank Lampard wouldn’t get hurt as I read your comment….

    1. Torres is very injury prone. I don’t doubt that Torres will get injured sooner or later if he’s playing this often but I feel the rest of our squad is so good that it doesn’t matter if we have Torres, Danny or even Piazon and Feruz up front. It’s like Barca. It doesn’t matter who plays up front with Messi (Sanchez, Pedro, Tello, Cuenca), they’re going to look good because of the talent around them

      1. So, your backup plan is two guys in the youth side?

        I mean, that MIGHT work. But we have 35 options in midfield. I’d feel better if we have three up front.

      2. Sorta, hear me out.
        We only need Torres and Danny to last till January. That seems doable. By then, Danny might be convinced we actually have intent to play him now and in the future so he signs an extension with an aging Torres as his only competition. That prevents our own Nasri, RvP, van Persie saga and we can sell him or do whatever.
        January comes and we raid the cheap striker market for players with just five months left on their contract (Llorente comes to mind). Buy said player for pennies and write him off on the following year’s expenses since we already spent £80m+ this year. I have to say, that is one of the smartest ideas I think I’ve ever come up with.

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