Scouser Bastard Poses with Our Trophies: Caption Contest!

Caption this!

The FA Cup and Champions League trophy were on display at the pre-game fan fair in Seattle. And, as you can see, they were allowing anybody who wandered in off the street to pose with them. Anybody. This Scouse bastard started talking smack to Julian “The Application” Bravo while in line, not realizing that the rest of us had stepped into line behind him.

Stick ensued. We sang “Have You Ever Seen Gerrard Win the League?” for him, told some jokes (If you see a Scouser riding a bike, why should you never swerve the car to hit him?), and he finally shut the heck up. It was an epic beatdown and a great time was had by all.

Then he got to pose with our trophies. So Julian got the link to his picture and now we’re offering you a chance to participate in a caption contest. The winner will get some as-yet-undetermined Seattle trip souvenirage and a chance to pose for a picture with the RMB Executive Board member of your choice!

Post your caption in the comments and invite your friends to join in.

I’ll go first: “Sorry – from a distance they looked like hubcaps.”



18 thoughts on “Scouser Bastard Poses with Our Trophies: Caption Contest!

      1. Bret Higgins

        As I child I was caught scrumping apples. If I had been born a Liverpudlian I would have been scrumping cars.

  1. “I heard my daddy used to steal these when he was my age.” -Scoser
    “What happened to him?” -Friend
    “……..okay you got me, I have no idea which one was my father. But all of them did steal these fancy hubcaps.” -Scouser

    1. Breck Powell

      Since the history of LFC was written before the invention of the camera, I walked alone to a distant land to have this photo taken of actual trophies for our fans living today.

      Disclaimer: The silverware displayed in this photo is the sole ownership of CFC and may not be stolen by Scouser scum or polished by fat Spanish waiters. Actual silverware won by LFC may be read about in our history leaflet.

  2. Korkie

    S’been more than 24 hours since I last got the sh1t kicked out of me by the bizzies, maybe this’ll get someone’s attention.

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