RMBs Visit Seattle, Day 1

If I could describe the first-ever RMBs trip in one word, that would be incredible. The entire  expedition was something that every Chelsea supporter should experience at least once in their life. The trip wasn’t completely perfect, but it was sure enjoyable.

I was accompanied by my understudy, Anthony Preston, and Sam Carty. Both Sam and I have been to Chelsea games before, but this was Anthony’s first and you could tell he was excited from the start.

It actually didn’t take very long for us to have our first major experience. I stopped by the Four Seasons to meet up with the Giraldos to wait for players. After a wait of about half an hour, we saw War Criminal, Josh McEachran and who I believewas Gael Kakuta come out of the hotel and make their way into a car.

War Criminal was exactly how people would expect him to be. He gave the crowd a glare and had a serious expression on his face. He got really mad at someone opening the door for him as the crowd that gathered was mostly silent. They sped off and Roberto Di Matteo came outside.

I screamed, “ROBERTO!” He made his way to the crowd and began signing things. As many of you can imagine, RdM is a really cool guy. He was nice and humble as he took a picture with me after signing my kit. He went out of his way to make the fans happy despite being in a hurry.

Afterwards I met up with Michael and Keira and headed down to Fado. Fado Seattle is really nothing special whatsoever. Their food was okay, the drinks overpriced and, worst of all, they didn’t have a jukebox! (Many of you know how much money I throw away playing Chelsea music on the jukebox.)

The place was almost filled with Chelsea in America members when we arrived. Michael and Keira left to get ready for the training session and I met up with the Giraldos and my party again at Fado before heading down to the training session.

The training session was incredible. Most of us had never seen a live training session before and many of our favorites came out to practice. Anthony and myself put up the Rocky Mountain Blues flag for all of the Chelsea players to see as they were jogging up and down the pitch. I noticed many of them looking at our flag.

During one of the drills, War Criminal completely wiped out another one of the players. David Luiz also made new boy Eden Hazard look like a fool and then the scrimmage started.

A few of the Chelsea supporters in front of us got into an altercation about seats that bothered the rest of the fans before security settled it. Hazard really shined during the scrimmage as did David Luiz. After a very exciting scrimmage the younger players had shooting drills and the first team worked on free kick and penalty drills.

David Luiz was highly impressive, knocking home a few free kicks, while Mikel scored the only way he can, in penalty practice. After the practice, Frankie walked in front of the crowd and applauded as the supporters cheered him on. A few of the players stayed and hit some more penalties.

After the session we met up with Ian and his wife Nicole. We pub crawled for a while as I ruined a bunch of the Giraldos’ pictures and then we took the light rail back home as we said goodbye to our fellow members.

On the light rail back, Sam and Anthony were harassed by a crazy guy with a story that only Sam can describe. (Please ask Sam for the story next time you see him if you haven’t already heard it.) After the odd encounter, we went back to our hotel and prepared for matchday.


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