Welcome to The Shed

Not so long ago, the RMBs were a few folks in blue shirts engulfed by a sea of red. And the red wasn’t just Mancs, Scousers and Gooners, it was the color of the pub. Well, the walls of the ‘Dog remain predominately red, but as of this morning the Shed End has been painted blue.

Here’s Peter and Michael hard at work:

And here’s the more or less finished product.

We still need to hang Super Frank and add a few more small touches, but from this point forward when you enter our house, you’ll be able to take some pride in the fact that we’ve made a significant enough impact on match days at the British Bulldog that they actually let us redecorate a bit.

Big thanks to Fearless Leader, Michael Leaves, Sam & Andy, Roy, Anthony and Richard Bamber, who we’ll convert yet. Also, major props to Leah Miller for outstanding service as official staff photographer today.


One thought on “Welcome to The Shed

  1. michaelleaves

    Several sets of hands made light work of it and a pleasure it was too. For me, May 19th put the Bulldog at legend status for obvious reasons. No doubt there has been many a cold, dark and early Saturday morning where it was much quieter, less ‘electric’ and far fewer folks. And many more to come, I’m sure. But just like ‘the’ Shed we share it one and the same. For those that never got to experience the quirky, rusty, beautiful tin structure in person, I can only laud it’s praises. Standing together in misery and glory, bonding with a place and each other. Gone but not forgotten. In the meantime, come to the (new) Shed, at the ‘Dog, and we’ll welcome you.

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