Captain. Leader. Legend …Racist?

Apparently not.

JT’s accused of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand by calling him a “F****** black c***.” maybe that should be “Fucking b**** cunt.” as no one has taken a stand against QPR’s resident donkey being a fucking cunt, nor has Ferdinand claimed otherwise. Either way I am confused.

Closing arguments have been made by the defence and prosecution in the case Dr. Watson would probably call “John Terry and the Anton Ferdinand Blast-o-rama.”

For the defence George Carter-Stephenson QC said the prosecution case was based on “speculation”:

“This is not a case about racism. The prosecution in cross-examination conceded that he is not a racist.

“The way that this case is put is that, on this occasion, Mr Terry completely lost his cool and made an inappropriate remark making reference to a physical characteristic of Mr Ferdinand, namely his colour, in response to words conceded to have been repeated taunts and insults referring to his alleged affair with Mr (Wayne) Bridges’ partner.”

The lawyer said Mr Ferdinand’s account was “inconsistent and unreliable”. He added: “No matter what the words actually were, if they were or may have been Mr Terry repeating back what he believed Mr Ferdinand had accused him of, then that’s the end of this particular case.”

Duncan Penny QC, Prosecutor said this:

“If it’s rhetorical repetition, why does the word ‘and’ feature at all? Why are any other words spoken by Mr Terry at all. Are they simply a plain response, a retort, lashing out verbally just as Mr Terry did in the original exchange?

“Just as he did with the hand over the mouth to imply bad breath… and finally, when he was fed up, he picked up on the topic of Mr Ferdinand’s abuse, namely the (alleged) extra-marital affair, and retorted with ‘and yours’, or something to that effect, and straightforward racial abuse,”

So even if found guilty of racism, everyone involved (Ferdinand included) agrees that Terry’s not a racist? Hold on a minute, isn’t the whole case about JT being racist toward Ferdinand?

So what is the point of this dog and pony show? No one knows. Anton didn’t hear JT calling him anything. There was no mention of it in the referee’s report nor any complaints in the stadium. The only complaint came from an off-duty plod who lip-read three words of a sentence on the tv. (Probably a Spurs fan.) Lastly, Ashley Cole stands beside JT, testifying in court that he’s not racist and it happened the way JT said it did… Just in case you’re a casual reader skimming, Ashley Cole’s black, too.

“JT was saying he thought Anton had said something about ‘black’ and he’s just repeated it. That was it. I think we shouldn’t be sitting here, personally.”

My personal opinion is that unless it’s physical what happens on the pitch stays there. I’ve been called everything under the sun on between the white lines and it’s always personal – and in this case Anton brought up race himself. From what I have seen of JT and the way conducts himself with Chelsea stars and England Internationals he doesn’t care what colour you are, only that you’re giving everything you’ve got for the team.

So plenty of tax payer’s money has been spent on this trial and the only things that people seem to agree on is that regardless of the outcome John Terry isn’t racist and that Anton Ferdinand’s a fucking cunt.

Case closed?

Disclaimer – this blog contains harsh language.


8 thoughts on “Captain. Leader. Legend …Racist?

  1. The one thing I’ve been disappointed is that no one has talked about how we even got to this point. Does the name Chris Foy ring any bells? Aside from a blip on the radar (United), AVB and Chelsea were actually doing pretty well for themselves (the season collapsed after this game). The extremely soft penalty call, the straight red for something that wasn’t even a foul, seven players getting yellows and two getting reds. The guy was a renegade madman whose performance rivaled that of the infamous Tom Henning Ovrebo. If I were Terry or any of the few players left getting screwed on the pitch I would’ve been cursing at everyone left and right. I personally feel that if there was someone that should be fined or suspended, it should be that muppet Foy and his inability to ref a match

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