Barca for Romeu?

Oriol Romeu was a very vital part of Chelsea’s midfield under AVB. An underwhelming first game in the Carling Cup showed that he might still need some polishing, but it only showed that he is a quick learner and quite adaptable. Halfway through the season, AVB dropped him and he was nowhere to be found under RdM’s plans. What happened?

I’ve heard a few conspiracy theories including Romeu being injured, Chelsea owing money to Barca based off how much he played, Chelsea hiding him from Barca and Romeu having a spat with the coaches. The theory that seems to be most believable is that his performance against United was vital in their comeback and that cost him his spot.

All players have bad games, though, and it shouldn’t have ended his season. Maybe there was some combination of all those factors that cost Romeu playing time but he had some great games out there and was developing nicely.

This leads us to an interview he had with Sky Sports.

Returning to Barcelona is an option but it depends on many things, because I want to play.

I’ve always felt like a big Barcelona supporter, I am very grateful to FC Barcelona and it’s thanks to them that I am where I am. I wanted to play more and Chelsea showed confidence in me, but if FC Barcelona want you to play, well…

They have the option to buy me back, I left knowing I had that option, and if they still have confidence in me, as they showed by leaving the option open, then they should let me know.

Sound familiar? It sounds like Fabregas all over again. I will not begin comparing the two because they are still two very different people but, once again, it seems like the lure of Barcelona might be getting to him.

I thought he was different, though. I think we all thought he was different. We convinced ourselves that he’d never pull a Fabregas and ask to return to Barcelona. I guess that was a major error on our behalf.

You look at Barcelona and you look at Chelsea and this might be the one position where Chelsea have advantage in depth. Barca just lost Keita, leaving Sergio Busquets as their only holding midfielder. Chelsea are stacked with Mikel, Lampard, Essien, Meireles and Ramires, who will likely move back into that spot this year. Chelsea have even looked at Modric, Witsel, Fellaini and many others to fill that role while the jewel of the Chelsea academy, Nathaniel Chalobah, is waiting in the wings.

Maybe we weren’t wrong. Maybe Romeu isn’t Fabregas. Fabregas wanted to win trophies in his home, and Romeu just wants playing time. It just so happens that the opportunity is greater at home than it is at the Bridge right now.


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