The Curious Case of Victor Moses

It seems that Victor Moses will be a Chelsea player soon. If not within the next 24 hours then not too long after that. He seems to be a top target for Roberto di Matteo. The question on every Chelsea (and Wigan) supporter’s mind is, why?

Now it is no mystery that Moses was Wigan’s best player last year but is he really worth all the trouble? His cost is valued at around £7m with add-ons as much as £3m extra. That’s not paying a lot of money for a player only 21 years of age. When you break it down, the bid actually makes sense.

The main issue is his position. Moses plays primarily on the left wing but often shifts to the right and is capable of playing as a second striker. If this was last year then it makes perfect sense but the additions of Hazard, Marin and probably a third winger (whether is be Ben Arfa, Hulk, Walcott, Jovetic or the many other attackers we’ve been linked to) leads me to wonder why we’re trying to add another.

There is one little aspect that separates Moses from others on that list: he’s a product of the Crystal Palace Youth Academy. Right now, Chelsea are one player above the minimum amount of required homegrown players. Moses gives them freedom to sell Daniel Sturridge or let Ross Turnbull go.

Then you realize how much deeper things actually go. Frank Lampard said he would not sign a contract extension. John Terry and Ashley Cole are both 31 and you wonder how much they have left in them. Right now Chelsea are looking at the task of replacing four homegrown players, assuming Sturridge is sold.

So it might be time to look at Moses in another light. He’s never going to start above Mata, Hazard and Ramires but he can be a very serviceable player. His resale value will increase as he matures and he’s not overly priced for a player with plenty of top flight experience.

It’s been well documented that Chelsea are planning for the future and their biggest concern should be meeting the homegrown requirement. Even if Moses (and Walcott) aren’t Chelsea standards, they’re vital parts that Chelsea need.


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